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We'd been admiring your work for 12 years!

I spoke with someone the other day that heads some church society at a church here in Santa Fe.  We were discussing birds and I told her about the attraction of the birds to our waterfall and the fact that they are drawn to it but do not defecate on it for some reason, making it really nice since we do put out food to attract the birds.  She asked if I had a photo.  I didn't, but I did have a video of your artwork so she got the sound effects and everything.  She loved it and the sound it makes.  I gave her your card, after telling her we'd been admiring your work for 12 years and how impressed we were with you and your work and the fact that you treat your employees so well.  She was very excited, said it was perfect for their application.  
Then yesterday one of our neighbors that we'd never met came to the door seeking access to our backyard and I said of course, no problem.   While out there he said "what's that water sound?"   Next thing I know he's taking a pic of the waterfall and asking me who did it?  So I gave him your card and my usual spiel, too, and explained that you did the driveway as well.  He has a place in his back yard obviously meant for a water feature but it was never finished.   He loved the waterfall and the sound, and I guarantee he can afford one of these should he follow through.  
It was funny, though, he said all the neighbors on his end of Ventoso were asking him what was going on here, what were we doing with the cranes.  Typical neighborhood, eh?  They could have asked.
And one more thing you might get a kick out of.   Turns out our real estate agent was speaking to Allison's mom (he was also her agent) and said that he'd driven by the house and seen the driveway and his words to Glennis were "looks-wise it turned an ordinary house into a mansion."  

David Hoyman

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"Santa Fe Landscapes & Water Gardens did a great job putting in fish pond with a waterfall in our backyard. They did the job promptly and well, with a good eye to design and stonework. They also provided us with detailed instructions and advice on seasonal maintenance and on appropriate fish and plants for the pond. I would recommend them without hesitation for their expertise, competence and integrity."

Alan Seeley


Our front patio went from an ugly weed farm to a stunning sanctuary with a lovely rock water fountain thanks to the entire staff at Santa Fe Landscapes and Water Gardens.  The crew was very professional in their vision and desire to create this beautiful outdoor living space of hand laid and precisely cut pavers.  Their attention to every detail was truly inspiring as it was very apparent that each crew member took pride in their work.  We highly recommend Santa Fe Landscapes and Water Gardens and we are so happy that we selected them for our project.  Again, thank you so much Dion and company for the superb job that was executed from start to finish!
With Warmest Regards and Appreciation,
E. Wood and K. McDaniel  

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"I worked with their sales designer to create a beautiful space within a tight budget. The crew removed the old gravel and weed barrier, built a 37' curved moss rock wall, created a planting bed, a dry stream, and filled the remaining area with pea gravel. Their work is meticulous: they took great care over the cutting and placement of stones for the wall under adverse conditions (torrential rain, hail, lightning!), and made sure we were satisfied at the end of each days work. I would not hesitate to recommend Santa Fe Water Gardens and their excellent crew!"

Anne Shute

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