Santa Fe Water Gardens is New Mexico’s premier landscape design, installation and maintenance company. We take pride in delivering harmonious personal spaces to enhance every lifestyle.

We provide sustainability for you and your family to enjoy for many years.  SFWG is a family based team that works with each individual client to achieve perfection the very first time. SFWG can assist you whether you have residential or commercial property needs. We strive to provide excellent service to secure long working relations.

At Santa Fe Water Gardens, we make the difference. Let us help guide you to your personal Oasis!

Our Store and Services

This is your “one stop shop” when it comes to the supplies needed to complete your project.  We completely believe in providing the service that a customer deserves and knowledge in the products that we sell. Take some time to come by our showroom and see for yourself why Santa Fe Water Gardens is New Mexico’s premier water gardening store. We have what you need to keep it looking beautiful. We carry water treatments, medications and a solution for any water problem that you may encounter. Plumbing, pipe, tubing, replacement parts, etc….. If you need a non stocked part, we’ll find it for you!

Contact Us:
1718 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(P) 505-424-8100   (F) 505-474-6600

Pond, Fountain & Landscaping Services

(Cleaning & Maintenance- Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually)

  • Boulder Fountains

  • Water Features

  • Streambed

  • Waterfalls / Ponds

  • Decorative Fountains

  • Koi Pond

  • Irrigation System ​

"You supply the dream…We supply the rest."

Did You Know…

Half of Santa Fe’s water consumption has recently been targeted toward irrigating our personal getaways, our yards.... SFWG believes in sticking to the basics.Fish ponds deliver more than serenity  and beauty to our yards. A properly sized fish pond added to your yard can lower the high demands of watering. Fish waste is one of the best ways to irrigate less! Now with Santa Fe Water Garden 3 step system you will use less water to irrigate your Oasis.

SFWG believes that every problem presents opportunity. Water shortages are overwhelming and we believe we can offer solutions. With a cistern, you can harvest rain water or have our water solution department deliver water on a recurring schedule during drought. The water in a cistern can easily help maintain the water level in your fish pond, which then can provide your irrigation with organic stimulated water to produce and maintain lush landscapes. By using fish pond water to irrigate, you use 50% less water to stimulate growth. Easy. Economical. Eco-Friendly.

Stick to the basics and help save water to secure our future!

We are committed to making the difference…

Landscape Construction
  • Porphry Pavers

  • Belgard Pathway & Driveway Pavers

  • Coyote Fencing

  • Rain Catchment / Water Storage tanks

  • Xeriscape

  • Green Houses

  • Shade Sales

  • Artificial Grass / Turf

  • Gazebos

  • Flagstone

  • Retainer Walls

  • Concrete (patios / sidewalks)

  • Standing Stones ​​

Professional Services 
  • Landscape Design 

  • Heaving Equipment (Crane Services & Bobcat) 

  • Hauling / Dumping 

  • Water Delivery Service (Fresh Water) 

  • Solar 

  • Roofing Solutions 

  • Plaster /Painting (Interior & Exterior) 

  • Woodworking (Interior & Exterior) 

  • Swimming Pool/Spa 

  • Snow Removal / Ice Control / Firewood (we deliver) 

No name says it all but we do it ALL…